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Amy Sedaris might have one too

My guest post about pretty kitties is up at Avi’s. Please enjoy.

For those of you too scared to go there I’ll scare you with some of my favorite girl from afar, Amy Sedaris, and then you’ll go running to Avi‘s just because it’s safer there.

Part 1 of Amy on Martha Stewart – Li’l Smoky Cheese Balls

Part 2 of Amy on Martha Stewart – Li’l Smoky Cheese Balls

Isn’t she great? :)

Poppy flavored spring rolls

My friend with the very adorable kids (the wife of Break Boy) sent me this photo:

Along with it she wrote “this totally reminds me of you” which made me smile and feel some happiness. A step in the right direction. I had been feeling nothing for myself today… essentially numb. So, it’s good to feel. :)

My interpretation: I am cute Asian food. Yum!

I wonder what the strawberries are doing there… Palate cleanser? And is that a larger than life smiling Buddha Jordan almond? heeeeeee!

My evil plan has worked!!!

Yesterday I tricked Dawg into writing a post for me today.


Dawg, I’m totally the bigger dweeb. Seriously. See this hair? zomg bad. See me standing in the corner facing the wall? See 11000 people walk right past and not acknowledge my existence? Yup, I’m a dweeb!

(And I kid, because neither one of us is a dweeb. At all. Not even a smidge. Other insulting adjectives, sure. But dweeb? Nope! And thank you for giving me a morning giggle. :)

PS – I tooooootally keep forgetting to mention (wtf!) that on my way home from a work conference, meeting Avi and Britt (yah?) and maybe even Crys if she suddenly decides to hit la FL, and seeeeeeeiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg B!!!!!! I am hanging out with Dawg in NYC during a layover back to France and we’re doing a Cereal Wednesday together!!!!!!! ZOMG I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN’T FUCKING STAND IT. That might be cuz I just had coffee, but I’m pretty sure it’s cuz I get to hang with Dawg for a few hours and eat cereal. :D Mark your calendars for October something-or-other. ;)

wiping the drool from the corner of my eyes

Kim sent me a photo of her boy cuz I’m always all up in her business when it comes to the vicarious living.

Cover your ears. Just do it. Thanks.


You know the guy from Girls Just Want to Have Fun?!? HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THAT GUY, ONLY ACTUALLY COOL.

Kim is freaking hot herself so I’m not surprised. :) I’m just noting. :)

a really good friend

Break Boy made me lentil pie at 12:30am last night because he knows I’m in need of pie lately.

DSC08439 DSC08440

His wife added the kitty cat design to it. Do you see it?


That pie? Fucking awesome. Pie crust, tomato, red lentils, onion, and extra sharp cheddar cheese. What is NOT to love?!?!?

This is why I have a friend who I met at age 6 and keep around. He is awesome. I’m pretty sure all the other friends take him completely for granted, but I never will again.