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I am sure you are sick of me, but Shirley you’re not sick of cereal.*

So, this cold is kicking my ass for one final day. I woke up to my throat and head going, “don’t you even think about going to work today!!” so I didn’t. I fed the kitties, emailed work that I would not be showing up, took some Theraflu DAYTIME, and fell back to sleep for 3 hours. Ahhhhhh… much better. I know this is the last day because my voice is now officially messed up.

Now, if you will excuse me, CEREAL WEDNESDAY SEASON 2 IS HERE AND I NEED TO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! so, shh:

*I say lame things when I’m sick.

big fat buddha bliss

I was just able to make myself channa masala with basmati rice in 3.5 minutes, thanks to microwave technology.

I ate all 3 servings of it myself.

I am pretty sure I’m in that state of nirvana everyone’s always talking about…

Breakfast burger!

Yes, that’s a fried egg on top of the beef. Will Work for Food chronicled the interesting McDonald’s menu options of other countries.

The only things I ever eat at McDonald’s are the chicken nuggets, the fries, and the sundae. I prefer BK and Wendy’s for hamburgers but if McD’s wants to start selling me garbanzo burgers (or falafel, whatever they wanna do to my chickpeas) then I’m all over that.

Angus third-pounders at Mickey D’s

Three varieties:

  • Angus Deluxe: American cheese, sliced red onions and sliced red tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, mustard and mayonnaise.
  • Angus Mushroom and Swiss: sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and mayonnaise.
  • Angus Bacon and Cheese: bacon, merican cheese, sliced red onions, mustard, ketchup and pickles.

MSRP: $3.99

I am so getting me an Angus Bacon and Cheese when they come to my area. An Angus Deluxe sounds awesome as well.

Source: Slashfood