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Commenting is a good thing.

So that Crys will continue to grace me with her presence I have changed how comments work on my blog. There is no longer an intermediary screen between clicking on comments and actually getting to post a comment. Please inform me via e m a l i :) if it’s broken. Works for me.


Update: I just realized I broke my comments via feed reader. Working on it. Sorry. For now just click the link of the post and then click on comments. S.I.G.H.

Anonymous comments now welcome…

In case Miss Britt does actually stop by here I’ve lifted the anonymous commenting ban on my blog. Perhaps that was the obstacle for several of you lurking here? If so, here’s your chance to leave comments!

Notez bien: If I receive comments that are hurtful to me or others via the anonymous option I’ll just delete them so perhaps you’d rather not waste your time if that’s your intention here. Poppy’s playground rules 1 through 4 are still in effect. :)

Update: And because Britt is smart I now have a way for you to subscribe to my comments as well as to my blog which are both at the bottom of my page but I’ll put them here for your benefit:

Comments: http://poppycede.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/full

Posts: http://poppycede.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
 …or: http://poppycede.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Block addresses without having your own server so you don’t inflate your hit count

Edit: At Avi‘s suggestion that this wasn’t what I thought it was I looked at the settings and found that this feature is just so you don’t inflate your daily hit count. Here’s the official wording from their site:

IP Blocking
You can specify your IP Address or a range such as 212.14.23.* or even 212.*.*.* to be blocked. This prevents you or someone from your organisation inflating your count. Put each IP address on a new line with no spaces if you want it blocked. Or empty the box if you want to count all visits.”

Still useful, just not in the way I had hoped. I wasn’t thinking clearly. It’s been a day, as you know already. But, perhaps you find this feature useful so I’ll leave it up.

StatCounter is kind enough to offer a blocking service on any blog or site they help you manage traffic. Here’s the details via email:

    Dear Poppy Cede,

    Get your BLOCKs off….
    Well no actually, get your blocks on….because we’ve added another new
    feature to StatCounter!

    Rather than just blocking individual IP addresses, you can now block a
    whole range.

    And yes – before you ask – you can block an IP address range across all
    your projects now with just one click!

    To use this feature simply login to your account.

    - Click the ‘wrench’ icon beside one of your projects.
    - Click ‘edit settings’.
    - Enter the ip addresses and ranges you would like to block.
    - If you want to update all projects with this, click the box below it.

    That’s it!