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Had a rejuvenating evening with my boy and am feeling a lot better. Just in time for my monthly Tuesday-Wednesday with just me and the girls while Dawg goes off to learn Kumbaya a little bit more than the month before. (Thank you, Mom, for asking.)

Red line - Washington DC The red line of DC Metro had a pretty bad accident Monday during the start of rush hour. I rode that line while I was there. The article also references a 1982 accident at the Woodley Park-Adams Morgan station, the starting point of the red line that B and I rode on. I feel all Final Destination all of a sudden. I’m not absolutely certain, but I’m guessing that NY Metro was assessing the situation in DC, which caused my ride home to have long delays for no apparent-to-us reason. I appreciate that, in retrospect. Always good to make sure not every Metro system is a target of something at the same time.

Ok, that was nice and cheery. Let’s change the topic to SpaceTweep! I am an editor there, thanks to Jenny! Did you know she and her husband work for NASA? They do. And they rock.

Aaaaaaaand, yes, I’m riding the NYC Metro (that’d be the subway) today. Go, me!

Get in the car and hard drive

Thursday I received my enhanced driver license! I can now return to the United States from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean! But Dawg still has his regular one so I won’t be leaving the country without him until he has it… or unless I am forced for work purposes to go to our Canada branch. Could happen. (Dawggy, hurry up and get one!!!)

I also applied for my EZ Pass, cuz it’s super annoying to have to slow down and get in a lane for paying with the money. By the way, don’t bother asking the people at the toll booths for EZ Pass applications like the sign says. Know why? THEY DON’T HAVE ANY. They ran out in 1987.

I had a super enjoyable train ride to work, and very successful day at work, a great not-actual-discovery-but-perhaps-rediscovery of which has 199 restaurants in my area that deliver to my office and means I never need to leave the office during the day ever again. I then had a very nice ride home on the train. But then I got home to no Dawggy and got bent completely out of shape and only recovered by taking a shower. I’m the reason we haven’t seen each other a lot lately, but apparently I’m still selfish and immature and need to hang out under super hot water to get rid of my frustration… and then get laid. Thank goodness for getting laid at 8:30pm, at old people doin’ it time.

You may or may not have seen my tweet that K T Ligesh — creator of LxAdmin, HyperVM, and Kloxo — took his life after a series of vulnerabilities in the products he created allowed nefariati to take down over 100,000 websites from a single web hosting company. Many of the website purchasers were not paying for a plan that included backups of the websites so those sites are *poof* gone. It is unclear what Ligesh’s specific motivations were for taking his life — if related to business troubles or the loss of both his sister and mother to suicide five years ago, but no matter what this is a sad reality.

Black Eyed Peas came out with a new album called The Energy.Never.Dies. It’s very good. And I hope it’s true. Optimism.

1-800-FLOWERS Can Suck It

This is NYCWD. Poppy is not here today, so I am guest posting on her blog. Her absence is not because she was deeply hurt by the lack of appreciation she was shown while trying to demonstrate the bubbles from Saturday via video in yesterday’s post that was requested by you, her friends. No, that has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Valentines Day
Image by Chaddycakes via Flickr

I have had a long relationship with 1-800-FLOWERS. I’ve used them for years to send flowers and things to people out of state, and with the eventual collapse of the local florist industry for people in the city as well. I spend, on average (between birthdays, special occasions, and of course Valentine’s Day) around $1,000 a year. I also have some purchasing power in my job that gives them an additional $2,000-$4,000 worth of business.

I am used to their fuck ups. No, really. I expect them to be somewhat delayed during the big holidays of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This is why I try to get things delivered a little early during these holidays. I even pay a little extra for it. This year’s service however has insured I will never use 1-800-FLOWERS again for anything!

On February 11 I ordered a dozen red roses to be delivered to Poppy‘s place of business. I put all the actual specifics into the order form for business deliveries and set the date for February 13. Sadly, Poppy did not receive her flowers by 5:00pm on February 13. A call to 1-800-FLOWERS customer service gave the regular explanation of high volume, traffic, busy day, blah, blah, blah. I accepted this. I just asked that the flowers be delivered before noon on Monday February 16.

I am a loving and considerate consumer.

Monday I got an e-mail confirmation at 11:54am that the flowers had been delivered. I called Poppy and asked how her flowers were. She was getting Subway (yum) and would let me know when she got back to the office.

She called me about 20 minutes later and guess what? No flowers. So I called 1-800-FLOWERS again. The customer service was apologetic and whatnot and tried calling the florist… but after 20 minutes of trying and getting voicemail it was determined they were out to lunch. They had the signer of the flowers on their system as being “Y“. Yes… the signer was the Letter Y. I expressed this was unacceptable. They agreed and sent a message to the actual florist. I told them I wanted resolution today… and they said they would call me back.

They never called me back. However, Sam the florist called Poppy at 4:45pm and laid a guilt trip on her for working a 9-5 job because he wanted to send the flowers out that day.

Sam upset the Poppy.

The Poppy called the Dawggy.

The Dawggy called Sam.

Sam is obviously a fucking moron. He tried putting the blame of the false confirmation elsewhere stating he was the “third party”. He did not understand that the confirmation he had 1-800-FLOWERS send was fraud, that he was responsible for this fuck up, or that he needed to resolve it without being a nasty fuck. He continued to insist he was just the “third party”. I then reminded him that he was the “third party” since fucking Friday, and therefore my “first party” will be coming to his “third party” place of business, that I got from a reverse phone look-up, for a “blanket party” if things were not rectified.

Sam understood this last portion of the conversation.

Poppy got her flowers yesterday.

1-800-FLOWERS lost at least $3,000 worth of business over this debacle simply because they failed to follow up with their promise to call me back and instead expected their Brooklyn fraudulent confirming delivery florist to do the right thing.

There is a theme here, oddly enough.

Saturday I squeaked under the wire to arrive at the post office about 5 minutes before they closed and picked up my package waiting for me there:

PURTY. I am loving it. Close-up surface photos of the planet. And luckily the 3D glasses actually work for me. When I was a kid I couldn’t see in 3D because, I’m guessing, I had an astigmatism back then and it prevented me from being able to see anything but a flat image in blue and red. Now I have glasses that correct my astigmatism and see an image popping out at me, a much better result.

Speaking of packages, I think it was Bill O’Reilly on the TV who was saying “package” and “big package” and “stimulus package” and now I’m all turned on by all the package talk. What can I say…

CUTE ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleepy Ripley

Sleepy Dawg

Today is my mommy’s birthday. I have her present here at my home because I’m bringing it to her on Friday when Dawg and I go to Tennessee!!!!!! YIPPY!!!!! Happy birthday, Mom!!!!!!! :heart: :pinkpuffyheart: :heart:


My feed reader is so disorganized. So far I’ve only found one blog that mentioned the (second) presidential debate from last night. Or, at least, I only recall the one. And since that blogger probably doesn’t care for me so much I’m steering clear of leaving a comment there so I’ll say here: It annoyed me that Tom Brokaw kept whining at Obama that he was going over his time limit or asking to respond to a question, but not much to McCain. I thought the “hired help” was supposed to be impartial, but it was clear to me that Brokaw respects and approves of McCain more than he does Obama.

I am a Vermonter and am therefore obligated by birth to be a democrat. But that’s not my point. My point is that Brokaw is a whiny little bitch.

Ok, really, my point is that I saw unfair treatment of one candidate over another last night and I don’t approve.

If I base my vote purely on the outcome of the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates I’m going to need to do a write-in of Joe Biden for president. But, if I think back to the last eight years and realize that (what’s our VP’s name? Puppet Master? Rifle-to-your-friend’s-face-master? Whatever…) was always the brains behind GWB then I guess I can stand for Biden being an intelligent and informed voice for President Obama.

Even if he did plagiarize parts of his speech during his 1988 run for president.

Because who hasn’t plagiarized?

(Oh, shush, you have too. Remember 6th grade “reports” where you just copied encyclopedias because you didn’t understand the difference between writing your own opinion and what was on a page in front of you? Yah.)

Anyway, I know some of my readers and very dear friends are Republicans (I sleep with one), but this here’s mah blawg, so I’m just getting out of my head what’s been rattling around.

Wow, I’m having one of those “smaht” days

When I saw this email:

Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 18:11:02 -0400
From: CNN Breaking News
Reply-To: newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

– Texas Rangers meet with and then release a man suspected of abusing a teenage girl at a polygamist compound.

… I instantly wondered why a sports team was suddenly trying to fight crime. I 50% blame CNN for weird wording, though.

Article is here in case you wanted to read about it.

core dump

So, how ya doin’? Me, yup, I’m good. Yup, yup. So, what’s new with you?

If it wasn’t clear from my Poppable, there’s a snow storm here today. I saw three accidents and heard several sirens on the way into work. I almost kicked the fucking ass of a guy who decided to tail me into the parking lot of Starbucks, but he had this big “I’m super happy and nothing will get me down” grin on his face so I cut him some slack and just made kung fu motions behind him while he ordered his coffee.

Speaking of the place that gives me my morning buzz, I got hit on in Starbucks this week. I was not really paying attention to what I was doing while adding cream and sugar to my iced venti Americano and I totally stepped all over the foot of the guy next to me. I apologized semi-profusely. … You think he’s the one who hit on me, don’t you. You’d be wrong. This total Wonder Bread walks up behind me and says something about me being a beautiful woman… and I just said, “ok, then…” because… um, if someone’s gonna get a chance to HIT ON ME in that scenario it should be THE GUY WHOSE FOOT I STEPPED ON. Not the mini-van-of-kids-toting dad and HUSBAND with the dorky owl glasses and the little red ski jacket. Dude, back the fuck off, know when it’s your turn to pounce on the lovelies. And, for the record, I don’t like getting hit on by random strangers, kthxbai. But… um, yah, it happens a lot. I know there’s a lot of single people in the world, but walking up to me and hitting on me doesn’t make me like you. I’m complicated, and I’m not revealing what I do prefer, but just letting you know what I don’t prefer. :smiles:

I want Obama to win.

I had gravy for dinner twice this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having gravy with dinner tonight. Pork gravy. I keep not practicing the white gravy, which is perhaps a mistake on my part.

Um, not to… remind you about a commercial “holiday” that just exists to generate revenue for merchants, but do you all have Valentine’s Day plans? I have no plans on the actual day other than to flip off anyone who says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to me. I’m not bitter, I just like flipping people off. Besides, I have plans. Just not on the day. :winks:

Fab posted about me again because apparently I’m just that interesting. I think that one’s really funny, actually. The post yesterday where everyone said they don’t agree with me about the busload of cats? A well thought out post, but reading the comments was like watching someone stick a needle in me so I didn’t.

I kinda wanna play hooky today, for no good reason. If I could find a theater near me that was playing There Will Be Blood I’d be out the door… Maybe I should just go see Cloverfield or Juno again. Or stay home and watch the 6th and final disc of “Freaks and Geeks” which will make me sad that it’s over but happy that I watched it. I’m back up to the maximum number of vacation days again, but I’m going to Tennessee for a week in almost exactly a month, so that’ll take care of that problem. When I say I’m maxed out on vacation days I’m not kidding. Maxed out means I have 42 of them, since I get 21 vacation days per year. (Or do I have 44 because I get 22 per year? Whatever.) I also get sick days and holidays. My employer is very generous.

PiC made me a pie with the Jell-O pudding I gave him from Dawg. I have yet to eat the pie because I am saving it for this weekend when I am willing to take on the project of this pie. It’s a chocolate crust topped with pudding, a layer of crushed Oreos, another layer of pudding, homemade whipped cream, then topped with more crushed Oreos. Did I mention I got to pick it up chez PiC and do hallway game with Nigel then hold Too Legit to Quit while she stared at pretty colors on her mama’s computer screen? I love going to their house. They’re, like, normal and stuff.

My co-worker who was in Iraq has just informed me via IM that he is snowed in but getting a gold tooth at lunchtime today. He’s not kidding. He’s calling it his “pimp daddy” tooth. Can’t wait to see that…

I received a billion CNN Breaking News alert emails overnight, one of which was an actual, legitimate one:

Tornadoes in the SE

Called my mom to check if she was ok, but no answer. Left a message asking her to call or email, no return call or email yet. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have a tiny nagging worry in the back of my brain, but my mom told me to NOT FREAK OUT EVERY TIME THERE IS A HURRICANE when she lived in Florida so I’m pretty sure that advice carries over to tornadoes in Tennessee.

Update: Mom finally got my voicemail late this afternoon and left me a voicemail that she’s fine.

I think my brain is now sufficiently dumped for today.

And since Edwards got his post…

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 18:11:04 -0500
From: CNN Breaking News
Reply-To: newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

– Rudy Giuliani says he is ending his bid for GOP presidential nomination, endorsing Sen. John McCain.

Well, that’s interesting…

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 09:10:22 -0500
From: CNN Breaking News
Reply-To: newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

– Former Sen. John Edwards is quitting the presidential race, CNN has learned.

Commentous occasion

By mandate of The Cactus, who has asked me specifically (among other of his “favoritest people ever”) to continue the tradition by spreading the word on my blog, I relay to you that today is annual Delurking Day.

Delurker Day 2008

Lurkers of the world delurk! (That means leave a comment.)

I am using Netflix again after a few months without it. Any recommendations for movies to rent? It’s very likely I’ve seen anything you’re going to recommend since I see so many movies, so please try hard. (I’m not kidding.)

Last night I learned that Allie loves tomatoes. She ate an entire round tomato slice in one bite. To the tomatoes of the world: Live in fear.

Also last night I watched The Queen which is about how the queen of England and Tony Blair handled the death of Princess Diana. I began to cry when the historical footage of Diana’s coffin being transported from St. James’s Palace to Westminster Abbey was shown, and continued crying through her brother’s eulogy. Tony Blair may side too often with GWB, but he did a very good thing for England’s people and for those of us who hold Diana dear to our hearts when he convinced the queen to publicly mourn Diana’s death. I remember the day Diana died. I remember where I was. I remember how upset I was. I remember calling my recently-broken-up-with boyfriend at the time, crying. I remember him telling me it wasn’t a big deal. I remember hating him for blowing me off. I have never quite gotten over her death. I couldn’t tell you why.

In other news, this photo from flickr via Slashfood makes me giggle:

Sad little meat pad…

That’s a sad little meat pad. (This makes no sense to anyone in the world but me and my former officemate from my last job. We’ll call it an inside joke.)