possess me

In November 2010 I went to the NYC Chocolate Show with Bellaventa. While there we tasted a dessert wine called Essensia by Quady Winery. We then had the brilliant idea that we wanted to purchase bottles of Essensia so we obtained a printout of the local places that sell the wine and then proceeded to spend the next couple hours combing Manhattan for this wine.

We found it.

And then we said goodbye to each other and went home, because looking for that wine was kind of exhausting.

Do you know that it is almost October 2012, and I don’t know what made me do this, but tonight I opened that bottle of Essensia. But… I didn’t drink it. I just transferred it to another bottle of wine with a screw top and then rinsed the Essensia bottle and put it in the recycling.

I wonder why, after almost two years, I decided to open it but not drink it.

I wonder if I will ever drink it.

I would put money on myself that I’ll dump it out instead of drinking it, but, really, who’s going to bet against me?

3 thoughts on “possess me

  1. Not gonna lie…I find that truly odd. Not the having it sit there for almost two years or the possibility that you will never drink it. But the transferring to another bottle thing. I find that odd.