My MS SQL Server Administration class got cancelled yesterday. Today I scrambled to find some alternatives. Looks like we’ll wait to see if the session is offered for October or November, but if not I’ll take a class that costs 2.5 times more than the one that my world class university offers. I would tell my university how much they’re undervaluing the content of this course, but I think I’ll wait until after I take it. Original perfect would have been this class, new perfect is now having Wednesday evenings off (we moved our corps night from Wednesday to Friday).

I was supposed to go see my work friend’s kittens on Thursday but she has to work an event so I am instead going out with my former work friend (as in, former job, not former friend) who was laid off from that same place I was and could use a commiseration meal so we are going to Mad Dog & Beans. I can’t wait! I wanted to go there with Ren once but we went to a place his wife ended up hating instead. Oops. I am excited to try Mad Dog & Beans because it’s Mexican food and they have pitchers of alcohol to get my friend drunk so she forgets how shitty our former employer really is sometimes. (They didn’t give her a farewell.) Original perfect was having kittens crawl all over me, new perfect is treating my friend to a great dinner and great drinks then having kittens crawl all over me next week. :)

Maybe you noticed my blog went missing, maybe you didn’t. For some reason, after this many years of paying the same hosting company for my domain, I considered the charges suspicious and contested them. If you don’t pay for your domain you don’t get to keep it. So, it went byeeeee for a little bit. Now that it’s back I realize that I did miss it and am happy it’s here again. Original perfect was shaping up to be moving back to Blogspot, new perfect is staying right here.

6 thoughts on “perfect

  1. Never heard of Mad Dog & Beans. Looks awesome! And it’s on the same street as Ulysses, which is a great bar.

    I did notice your blog was missing, but I figured it was something like this. Welcome back?

  2. I can’t even recall where we ended up going. We’ll put MD&B on the list for the next visit, whenever that is.

    Speaking of missing blogs, mine is apparently down today. I expect it’s a server issue that requires attention this evening….

  3. Ren, I can’t remember, I just know it was the place that overlooked Times Square. We all had a much better time in the lobby of your hotel for your anniversary.

  4. Ahhh… the days I worked for someone that offered training. I hope the SQL class can get scheduled again. My SQL skills are very weak, only stuff I learned how to do from our dba.