Adventures in Or-land

So, this one time I met Jigsaw. And then I stole her and kept her as my own. But then I gave her back because how am I supposed to carry a dog all the way from FL to France? That’s just silly.

Ok, so really what happened: Avi and Britt took me to Kobe where we had way too much food and Britt and I shared a Flaming Volcano tasty beverage. Then we went to Avi’s house and I met Jigsaw (technically she met me, because I’ve already known her for, like, 2 years, but now we’re BFF so it’s all good). After a quick tour of the compound during which I almost slipped and cracked my head open (I’m talented, what can I say) we all settled in for Poppytinis and fresh episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. And then Britt went to smoke and talk while Avi disappeared to (stare at porn?) so I called Dawg and told him I was all alone in the dark with another dog but it was ok because he’s still my #1 Dawg (I may have been drunk at that point). And then Avi and Britt emerged again and we got in Avi’s car and ate peanut butter Twix and I got water all over myself and then got another one-armed hug from Avi. (I know someone who can teach you how to hug properly if you’d like to learn.)


10 thoughts on “Adventures in Or-land

  1. 1. My chair is NOT dirty – it’s clean! Sticky-free.

    2. I hug properly.

    3. I thought you had video of Jigsaw trying to say “I love you”!

  2. Fab, yup! I’m sure it’ll be a repeat in two weeks at TequilaCon, which is what I like best about Avi and Britt. They don’t try to plan special stuff, they just do regular stuff and you get to do it with them. (Ok, technically, Kobe was a special thing, but I mean they didn’t try to, like, take me to the OPERA or some craziness.)

    1. I am bringing a blacklight next time.
    2. You DON’T. Well, you do if you’re one-armed, but you have two arms!
    3. I do! But I was only able to stay awake long enough to process the one video and I wanted to ask you about the Jigsaw video… Do you want it? As in, do you want to post it on your blog? Glad to process it and upload it so you can do that. If not, rest assured, it’s going on my blog.

    Britt, I was soooooo tempted so I could show the world how beautiful your belly is. (World, she has a beautiful belly.)

    ToB, it was a great time. My head is still really mad about said good time, but I’m ok with that. :grins:

  3. Can I see it first?

    You should totally post Britt’s belly.

    Oh yeah, and I was not looking at porn! I was in my library for a little while.

  4. Of course, which is why I was trying to fiiiind you, but you were idle.

    I didn’t take any video or photos of her belly. I will at TC, though. :grins:

    I know where you were, I was just being funny and evasive at the same time. :smiles:

  5. Just went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall again. Ooh, and went to Friendly’s and had chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce, blueberry sauce, and cake frosting as toppings!

  6. I loved the video but got a little motion sickness;-) I can’t watch any movies without steady cam either.

    Jigsaw is so cute!

    And we so need to see Britt’s belly at TC

  7. Bring on pics of Britt’s belly! The public has spoken!
    I am jealous of your travelings.
    But glad you are getting to go places. Whoohoo!