We blame Sour

Sour deserves blame for something, right?

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I did this quiz because she did. I won’t link to her results. :grins:

28 thoughts on “We blame Sour

  1. I have no idea how I got 1%. Probably because I answered that even if I did really great on the test I wouldn’t post the results. (Which, obviously, was a lie.)

  2. Geek! You can’t keep telling me you don’t like me. You’re gonna make me cry! And I don’t think you mean you don’t like me… otherwise, why would you keep visiting?

  3. That is not all true. I don’t always like Tense, but I most certainly Love her. Of course that may be 11 years of marriage… :grins:

    And a smartass speaking

  4. Yup, you’re definitely deserving of the name Smartass. Sooooo, Smartass you shall be. If I can remember to start calling you this it will stick forever, hope you’re ok with that!

  5. I don’t call people Dumbass (at least not to their face). And I fix other people’s computers too but no one has ever dared call me a dumbass. If they did their head would spin so fast they really wouldn’t know what hit them and I’d leave their computer broken and tell them to fix it if they know so fucking much. But, ya know, that’s just me.

  6. I work for doctors, or used to. Their quick to blame others for the indiscretions found on their work PCs. He only did it once though, You don’t insult the guy/gal that can pull your ass out of the fire. Its all good, now I monitor virus and security breaches. I try not to deal with the day to day fixing. How long have you worked for the evil IT dept?

  7. Ha! I do virus and security breaches too! Do you have certs, or did they just give you the job and say “run with it”? I have my GSEC, and they might soooon let me have more certs, although frankly … I think they’re just yanking my chain. I’ve worked in computers… all my adult life. Worked for this particular department 5.5 years (6 years in April), but worked with doctors for 2 fresh out of college. I still work with doctors because higher ed with a med school means there are plenty of PhD and MD carriers floating around.

  8. We have run a similar track, right down to current circumstances. I have close to 10 years in this carer. Before that, I cut grass for a living and built PCs at night. I don’t have any certs yet. Fortunately I work for a retired Colonel who dosn’t put much stock in certs. He generally hires from experience only. He wants to send me to school for my CCNA and Cisco Certified Security Professional. That will be fun.

  9. That will be fun! I might be sent to study up for my GCIH (incident handling) soon, but again I won’t hold my breath. If they do start taking security more seriously I will suddenly have lots more networking and database training from a security standpoint and I will be happy as a clam.

  10. Why is it people deal with security last. I don’t understand. We have a DB security over site team, thank God! Thats not something I want to deal with. I really want to work strictly in perimeter security and