So much for vacation

I am still sick. I’m finally coughing up green stuff and my voice has gone all deep and sexy (har) so I’m finally on the mend. I went to the store last night but forgot to buy cold medicine so I’m completely out of the nighttime stuff. Will remedy this (ha!) after going out with The Cousins tonight. We actually hung out last night too so Cousin La could see Superbad for the first time. I learned that my younger cousin has a modified Fuck It Bucket so her nickname will be Cousin FuBu. I say modified because, instead of eating candy out of it, she and her roommates write down stuff that bothers them then stick it in the bucket and say, “fuck it!” Clever.

Just for you all I made a video of my sick voice, with special appearance by George-Porge:

19 thoughts on “So much for vacation

  1. I know it’s not the best idea to go out while sick but I really want to see my cousins as much as possible before La leaves again, and if I didn’t go out while sick I would have just spent my entire vacation at home. I neeeeeeed to go out and be social for my own emotional well-being. When I spend many days home without other humans around I become sad. So, better to go out. :smiles:

  2. Fab, how long does it take to get from FL to France? I’m coughing up all the nasty stuff today and I’d rather take the smothered pillow. :grins: