2 + 2 “celebrity” edition

I know nobody cares, but I just want to put it out there. Remember that one time when Brandon Davis made fun of Lindsay Lohan for being worth only about $7 million while Paris Hilton laughed in the background? And remember Brandon is friends with Paris? (They are, they were just at dinner together the other day, according to my feed reader.) And remember when Paris found out she’s only going to inherit $5 million instead of $100 million?


Time to do more work, working girl.

5 thoughts on “2 + 2 “celebrity” edition

  1. Thank you for breaking the news to me that Paris will only be normal scale rich just for being her gross self – instead of stratospherically rich. She’s gross. Did I say yet that I think she’s gross?

  2. Nina, you are very welcome. You know she can blow her entire $5 million fortunate in one night on (ironically) blow, so she’ll be destitute soon enough!

    Fab, that made me lol. Is it because her clavicle is the only non-diseased part of her body? :grins: