I statements

I still have a cold. With goo dripping profusely from my nose.

I am not dressed yet, but I have to leave in -3 minutes.

I am seeing my high school best friend for lunch.

I am taking care of Nigel again, since PiC and HLW were kind enough to ask me to kittysit again as they drove by my house (with TLQ in the back seat) to go to HLW’s brother’s wedding.

I got cool presents from bloggers, but I feel like keeping them to myself and not sharing. Let’s just say I need hamburger for one of them, and I’m pretty effing excited about that. (Protein!)

I am obsessed with the scale my parents got me for Christmas. I’m not obsessed with my weight, just the scale itself. It’s see-through to the floor and it’s digital. I spent a lot of time staring through it to the floor and then watching the digits count up to my actual weight. It’s just way too much fun.

I ordered GHIII for Mac on Dec 17 and it still hasn’t shipped yet. Fuckers.

I really need to go. Happy Friday!

20 thoughts on “I statements

  1. Hope your cold gets better super soon! Sucks. I hate colds more than almost any other sickness.
    Will you write and let us know how the lunch went?

  2. If you had green ectoplasmic goo coming out of your nose… I would totally let you wipe it away with my sleeve.

    Just sayin’.

    Us plaguers need to stick together.

  3. Fab, I got unsolicited gifts from girls. You’re not a girl, so it’s ok that you didn’t send me anything. Besides, I made a video a few months ago chastising people for sending me gifts so you did the very right thing by not giving me a gift. … And, to be honest, I’m kinda scared to find out what kind of gift you would have sent me. You send strange things to people. I’m quirky, but… not as quirky as most of your readership seems to be.

    Sybil, lunch was interesting, a time of dual introspection and reality checking. I can’t really say much more than the roasted garlic and potato soup was freakin’ incredible. I think I learned more about my friend from this lunch than I did in the 6 years I knew her as a teenager.

    Geek, working on it. Thank you. :smiles:

    Dawg, if you hadn’t noticed: 1. I am very independent; 2. I am very considerate; I am very stubborn/feisty. These traits prevent me from being able to wipe my goo on anyone’s sleeve than my own. But I appreciate the offer. Are you better yet?!

  4. I know that 1) You are very independent and 2) You are very considerate as well as stubborn and feisty BUT if the instance occurs… where there was ectoplasmic goo dripping from your nose AND the world tissue supply had been erradicated AND you were wearing a sleeveless dress AND preparing to save someone’s life by emergency surgery which therefore precluded using your bare arms… you could totally use my sleeve.

    And no… I’m not really better… just better medications. Or more of them.

  5. I’m leaving you a comment.

    I get to leave work in a few minutes.

    I’m glad you’re getting GHIII for a mac, although I wonder – do you have a USB connection or something for the controller?

    I hope you have a poppapulous weekend. with hamburger.

    I updated my blog sidebar with live twitter feeds and did some custom CSS to make it look better and I’m proud of myself for that.

  6. Dawg, sleeveless dress? You think I’m girly, don’t you. I always have sleeves, even when it’s ZOMGEFFINGHOT outside.

    Fab, your greatest gift will be hearing my words when I say “no gifts” and abiding by them. Boys sending gifts = trouble.

    Wah, …um, have you looked at a Mac in the last 10+ years? USB, USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800. Yes, USB connection. Why would they sell GHIII for Mac if there wasn’t a way to connect it?

  7. Oh… I don’t think your girly… anymore than you can perform a life saving surgery that is. Its all hypotheticals really.

    As for boys sending gifts… :shh: … no one needs to know who is a boy… and who isn’t.

  8. Morgelicious, I explained that if people didn’t get things from me then I didn’t know their address and that was their fault. Now, I do realize I could have found your address but I was slightly lazy this year and only sent things to addresses I had already. :grins: No presents required, you are already in my awesome book.

  9. Sorry I sent you a prezzie & broke your rule but you have to know that I never spend a lot. They’re just little gifts to let you know I love you! Does that make you feel better? :grins: