yummy deep fried

Doesn’t this look tasty?


It’s a cheesesteak egg roll! Talk about your food corn porn!

(PS – Apparently today is my “FUCK” day. I apologize to the kids.)

16 thoughts on “yummy deep fried

  1. ooooooh. Come to me, cheesesteak eggroll. B will treat you real nice. :)

    (the “lifestyle change” aka diet is starting to get to me a bit. I might have to go ape shit and eat something deep fried….)

  2. Have you guys ever had a fried twinkie? They sell them at the Texas State Fair every year… Heart attack special!

  3. B, when I come to visit let’s just make them. :) :) :)

    Chelle, I have not. But I will do my best to have one in my lifetime. I’m pretty sure shortly after I’ll be dying from said twinkie, so I’ll make sure to try it when I’m 92.

  4. Hey Chel,

    I go to the TX State Fair every year–I had the fried Snickers a couple years ago and was extremely disappointed, so I stuck to the funnel cakes ever since. I was looking at bigtex.com the other night, though, and they’re offering fried cookie dough this year. I’m going into sugar shock just thinking about it.

    Poppy, I don’t own a fryer, so we might have to find an alternative to the cheesesteak eggroll. :) Or, we could just go to the State Fair and try a fried twinkie if you think you can handle it. :)

  5. My bad. Yes, it is Pluckers that has the fried twinkies… State Fair with the fried snickers…

    Hey Bdogg, isn’t the state fair coming up? Gonna have to go try the fried cookie dough…

    Of course, I HATE going to that part of town… It is soooo nasty. And the Texas State Fair is basically a bunch of the following:

    1. food and beer.
    2. dangerous rides for kids
    3. Quilt contest
    4. Crappy art contest
    5. needlepoint content
    6. crochet contest
    7. jam/jelly contest
    8. Cow contest
    9. sheep contest
    10. pig contest
    11. tobacco exibit (no wait, that’s KY)
    12. chicken contest
    13. horse contest

    You get the picture. god we are hicks.

    and Wayne, the whole fried pickles just don’t compare to fried sliced pickles… Much easier to eat, and good with ranch dressing. Yum.


  6. B, we are friends for many more reasons than this, I hope!

    wah, it looked fine in email. (Does your middle name begin with A? :)

    Fab, you should own one so that when I come to visit I can have an eggroll for free. (Wait, wait, wait, that came out ALLLLL wrong.)

    Avi, yes, tasty!

    Chelle, I am not reading that comment. It’s not even to me. But, hi! :)

  7. Jf, “holy fuckbuckets” is the best swear word combo on the planet. Don’t tell my mom that her “tarnations” has just been beat out.

  8. Poppy, of course we’re friends for more reasons than that! However, you’ve moved up a notch due to your pan-frying skills. We might not let you go back to France…. :)

    Chel – Yes, State Fair is Sept. 28 to Oct. something this year. The first year my husband and I went, we stupidly went on one of the rides and I swear it nearly killed me–I had to sit down for a long time afterwards to calm down. I’m way too old for that crap…