Mucho bettero

A nice relaxing weekend of hanging out with our favorite friends, shopping, eating, talking, card playing, sleeping, reading, leaf peeping, and soft-soft-soft-soft semi-porn watching (the star-studded film Wet Hot American Summer, cuz Jerzy* made us view it for his birthday, and it was really the freakin’ tonsil hockey that made it seem porn-like, no nudity :) seems to have done the trick of fixing our blahs.

The “Happy Birthday, Jerzy!” homemade apple pie that Hay, K-Mitten*, and I made for (dur) Jerzy’s birthday:

That’s Edy’s Slow Churned™ Rich & Creamy Light Vanilla Bean ice cream à la mode. DE-lish.

Do I have the recipe for the pie? Why, yes I do!

(6-year-old child optional)

*NB: Names changed to protect the innocent. :)

3 thoughts on “Mucho bettero

  1. Re WHAS—Normally I don’t find gay men a turn on, but the scene in the woodshed. With Will! Yummy.

    Is this revealing too much on a Monday morning?

  2. I think two guys kissing is super hot (well, if the guys are hot, too). The woodshed scene seemed so random, but I think that’s what made it really good. :)