6 thoughts on “If you think he’s a no talent hack like the rest of us do then why the F did you marry him?!

  1. I think she was trying to make Justin jealous–look at me, I won! I’m getting MARRIED!

    Then she had to procreate with this man. Come on, he obviously didn’t care about his first 2, what makes you think he’ll care about this one? Oh yeah, your $55 million net worth….

  2. She’s not that great a singer, either, so what’s she laughing at? I do have a couple of her CDs, and a lot of her songs are catchy, but she owes a lot of her success to her dancing and her boobs. Seriously.

  3. Frema and B, you are so right. I can’t believe I ever liked Britney. She’s making some really stupid decisions now that she’s “not a girl, but now a woman”.

  4. Not that Kevin doesn’t suck, I’m sure he does. But since when should Britney be criticisizing anyone’s voice.

    She isn’t a very good singer either.

    I bet her next record doesn’t sell much either.

    She’s a has been.

  5. I never liked Britney. There’s no talent there, oh other than the shaking her boobs in her videos, I guess. Talentless hacks, the whole lot of them.

    But I’m wondering, what does the guy think he’s doing anyways? He was a background dancer in her videos. He procreated with the one girl we all wish we had, and now he wants to sing? Dude, just sit there in your mansion and don’t ruin it. You’ve got it good! Music always leads to break ups. Paul and John broke up over music. Even Blink 182 is now on the blink. Kevin, if you want to keep the honey pot full, don’t attempt to sing!

    There, I’m done.

  6. Um… behold the power of cock! That’s my suspicion. He’s of marginal talent, if that. He’s probably got a supressata hanging in his deli window, know what I mean? know what I mean? Nudge nudge!!!